Gig Harbor

City Council Pos. 3

One candidate running for this position responded to our questionnaire:
Dave Christian Primaried Out

Two candidates did not respond to our questionnaire:
Jim Franich
Peter Norman

These candidates have chosen to not participate in our Voter's Guide. Please refer to your Official Pierce County Voter's Guide information.

Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on your ballot.
There was a primary for this office.
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Sanctuary Status

Do you support Sanctuary Status for the area you would represent? Please explain.

Dave Christian


Yes. We need to welcome immigrants, not reject them

PCYD & WA Democrats Resolutions

What resolutions from PCYDs or the WA Democrat State Party do you align with?
(PCYD: Decline to Sign I-1552, Petition: Tacoma City Council: Protect Undocumented Immigrants #HereToStay)

Dave Christian

No comment

Goals & Needs of Constituency

If you could achieve three accomplishments in your coming term, what would they be?

Dave Christian

Better understanding between pro-growth and slow growth interests in city. More involvement by county in city's increasing traffic problems. More realization of the tie in of interests between Gig Harbor and Tacoma.

What are the top five needs of your constituency?

Dave Christian

Traffic, population growth, parks improvements, incorporation of more urban growth areas.

Connecting with Young People

How do you plan to involve the voices and needs of young people?

Dave Christian

Invite them to open Council Meetings and open one-on-ones town hall type gatherings for input.

Police-Minority Relations

Do you have any plans for improving police-minority relations? Please explain your response.

Dave Christian


No. Still thinking about what might be helpful in Gig Harbor. If elected, will seek input from minorities and police on this.


How will you advocate for the homeless population? Including in regards to city camp sweeps and voting rights?

Dave Christian

Not in favor of camp sweeps- not solving the problems of drugs and mental illness and cycle of poverty.

Net Neutrality & Internet Privacy

Would you advocate for Net Neutrality on a Federal Level? Please explain your response.
Note: There was an error when creating the questionnaire that originally required a 2250 character response. Any additional characters candidates added as filler only have been removed.

Dave Christian


No. Total net neutrality is not the answer; we need some compromise to try to inhibit fake news, uncontrolled hacking, etc.

How would you protect people in your area from having their info sold through ISP?

Dave Christian

No answer on this.

Incumbency, PCYD's Involved & Campaign Consultants

Are you an incumbent to this position?

Dave Christian


Do you have any staff from PCYDs currently working or volunteering for you? If so, what are their names?

Dave Christian



What consultants for this current campaign have you worked/collaborated with?

Dave Christian

Mayor Jill Guernsey