City Council Dist. 2 Pos. 2

One candidate running for this position responded to our questionnaire:
Keanan Taute Primaried Out

Two candidates did not respond to our questionnaire:
Cynthia Jacobsen
Heather Shadko

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Sanctuary Status

Do you support Sanctuary Status for the area you would represent? Please explain.

Keanan Taute


Yes. I believe that sanctuary status is a vital first step to protecting immigrant communities.

PCYD & WA Democrats Resolutions

What resolutions from PCYDs or the WA Democrat State Party do you align with?
(PCYD: Decline to Sign I-1552, Petition: Tacoma City Council: Protect Undocumented Immigrants #HereToStay)

Keanan Taute

I have canvassed for the Decline to Sign campaign and voted in favor of the PCYDs endorsing

Goals & Needs of Constituency

If you could achieve three accomplishments in your coming term, what would they be?

Keanan Taute

1. Homelessness: Homelessness is the most important issue for Puyallup to work on. In addition to what I said above, I believe that we need to coordinate with Tacoma and the county to solve homelessness in our region. Otherwise, I am going to find out what, if anything else, they want to see change in this city while canvassing. Homelessness is not just a Puyallup problem, it is a regional problem, and it should be treated as such.
2. Youth Rights: The Puyallup youth have not been listened to in the last few years, and we have seen this bubble up in to protests in Puyallup High Schools. I want to be an advocate for the youth voice on the City Council, but on top of that, I am in the preliminary planning stages on leading efforts to establish a youth commission in Puyallup.
3. Smart Business Development: New developments are important in Puyallup, but we need to make sure these developments are both sustainable and that they don’t significantly and negatively impact our city.

What are the top five needs of your constituency?

Keanan Taute

Addressing Homelessness, creating an ethics commission, giving youth a stronger voice and increasing civic engagement among young people, continuing to protect the environment, and to increase a sense of safety for all residents.

Connecting with Young People

How do you plan to involve the voices and needs of young people?

Keanan Taute

I am the outreach organizer for the PCYDs, and I believe that young people have a voice, and I believe that this voice should be listened to in government. I support Puyallup establishing a youth commission as a means of getting more youth voice in politics. I am a young person, and I understand what it feels like to have political opinions about national and local issues, but feel like you don't have a legitimate place to express these opinions. I also know what it is like to be young in politics. For these reasons and more, a stronger youth voice is a central issue for my campaign. I would also be the youngest city council member by at least 20 years, and would be one of the youngest elected officials in the state.

Police-Minority Relations

Do you have any plans for improving police-minority relations? Please explain your response.

Keanan Taute


Yes. To my knowledge, Puyallup police have a good track record with police-minority relations. I support any new plans to improve these relations.


How will you advocate for the homeless population? Including in regards to city camp sweeps and voting rights?

Keanan Taute

I answered this a lot earlier, but I am against city camp sweeps. I hope to be leading the charge for voting rights for homeless populations in pierce county through the PCYDs (we are in the planning stages of this too), AND I am meeting with community leaders on homelessness to discuss the best solutions.

Net Neutrality & Internet Privacy

Would you advocate for Net Neutrality on a Federal Level? Please explain your response.
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Keanan Taute


Yes. I don’t want internet companies slowing down my speeds to specific websites.

How would you protect people in your area from having their info sold through ISP?

Keanan Taute

I am against this policy and would support giving people back these protections.

Incumbency, PCYD's Involved & Campaign Consultants

Are you an incumbent to this position?

Keanan Taute


Do you have any staff from PCYDs currently working or volunteering for you? If so, what are their names?

Keanan Taute


Alex Cornyn is volunteering. I am a member myself and am the acting outreach organizer.

What consultants for this current campaign have you worked/collaborated with?

Keanan Taute