31st LD

State Representative Pos. 2

PCYD's Endorse Nate Lowry

One candidate running for this position responded to our questionnaire:
Nate Lowry

One candidate did not respond to our questionnaire:
Morgan Irwin
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Sanctuary Status

Do you support Sanctuary Status for the area you would represent? Please explain.

Nate Lowry


No. I support protecting local residents however if it comes at the expense of everyone else I do not support it. Better-off municipalities or even whole States that have better means to go toe to toe with Federal Government in court I might feel differently but for right now the Fed seems very interested in attacking this stance with many funding dollars at stake. Cities in the 31st I do not feel have the means necessary nor the interest given it is a swing district in becoming sanctuaries.

PCYD & WA Democrats Resolutions

What resolutions from PCYDs or the WA Democrat State Party do you align with?
(PCYD: Decline to Sign I-1552, Petition: Tacoma City Council: Protect Undocumented Immigrants #HereToStay)

Nate Lowry

I also a not a fan or supporter of i-1552 as the PCYD are. I feel it is an unnecessary law trying to be enacted by those more on the extreme end and don't reflect the majority of people's views. Also a bit odd they talk about the shame, defamation and emotional trauma students suffer without this law being enacted without one regard whatsoever for the real victims which are those being singled out and the shame defamation and emotional trauma they would suffer at the hands of such bad legislation.

Goals & Needs of Constituency

If you could achieve three accomplishments in your coming term, what would they be?

Nate Lowry

It will be a short 60 day session barring any special sessions which are likely with McCleary final completion in the balance and then re-election again in 2018. That being said three accomplishments I would like to do in that time starts with bolstering/supporting early childhood education which is important to me. McCleary is a monumental shifting mandate and there will be an opportunity I hope to support early childhood education. Strong component of the decision is how to adequately fund each district and each child but am hoping to support that age group of children followed closely by higher education. Second accomplishment is more of a defensive accomplishment and includes protecting Washington State against Federal de-regulation including health care. Healthcare, our environment, education system, progressive taxation are all under attack at the Federal level and State Republicans already are and will continue to seize on this. We need strong voices to stand up against far right agenda bills that will be sure to come before midterm elections. Third accomplishment would be to do something about the tax structure of ST3, I need to represent the constituents of my district and there will be no shortage of calls or emails regarding the taxation in this package. We need mass transit I strongly agree, however I can't tell the guy in deep Enumclaw I agree with him paying the same as somebody right next to a new future light rail stop in Bothell.

What are the top five needs of your constituency?

Nate Lowry

The top five needs in my mind include: education, healthcare, transportation, ST3 relief and regressive taxation (whether they know it or not on the last one). People of the 31st need reliable voices to stand up for a McCleary decision that is best for all kids and keeps out the current Federal education agenda and who knows what State Republicans might throw in. Healthcare is an obvious one and up in the air, seems either way states will have more say in what happens with funding measures. This means we need strong democratic voices stateside to ensure what comprises 1/6 of our economy doesn't become a luxury item hurting all of society in the process. Transportation studies, funding and improvements are needed sorely in the 31st, we have worked on quite a bit of this on my local level in Edgewood on City Council and plan to bring the same attention to the problem to the legislature. Most constituents of the 31st district will see the short end of the straw from ST3 more so than any district, I support the premise and applicability of ST3 however the funding side needs work and I plan to look at how it can be more fairly represented between the tax payers involved. Last being regressive taxation, if I showed you a graph of income levels and how much each bracket pays to taxes by % it is a sad state of affairs in Washington. More needs to be done to educate people of how our tax system needs reform, how they will benefit from it and lastly what are the mechanisms to enact to make it happen.

Connecting with Young People

How do you plan to involve the voices and needs of young people?

Nate Lowry

First I think it takes reaching out to get them interested and involved. I see social media as a strong way to do this, obviously coming to events and talking with people in the PCYD and KCYD groups is a great place as well. I think the best way would be to actively seek younger voters input. Most people are not aware that the largest generation in America right now is Millennials and everyone in the group is voting age now...I think this means that legislation needs to reflect a younger demographics input if it is spoken up enough for. I do feel though that there is lack of participation in the age group whether that be on the fault of the voter, the candidates or the party outreaches I don't fully know just feel that sentiment exists. So hopefully more input equals more younger voter turnout, more legislation that reflects their needs and hopefully more younger progressive voices being heard and running for office in present and future years.

Police-Minority Relations

Do you have any plans for improving police-minority relations? Please explain your response.

Nate Lowry


No. I would leave that to the professional that are involved, I just am not knowledgeable enough myself. One thing that does bother me is the halt to consent decrees at the federal level. This is very troubling as we do have a violence problem in this country that does involve police and adequate oversight needs to be present. Don’t think much can be done to force the sitting Federal AG to do a more reputable job but probably an up hill climb there.


How will you advocate for the homeless population? Including in regards to city camp sweeps and voting rights?

Nate Lowry

I support the tiny house villages that have been popping up in recent years complete with privacy, utilities and one of the most important thing access to services to improve people's situation. I would support a limited stay but not less than a year so people can get the job services, mental health, disability or possible social security/medicare/medicade they may be eligible for and don't know it. I think more can be done in a peer to peer setting as well, people opening up their property even outbuildings and backyards for others to stay for awhile without scrutiny. I think more needs to be done to plan public spaces for homelessness, it is a problem that isn't going away and needs to be accommodated better than it currently is.

Net Neutrality & Internet Privacy

Would you advocate for Net Neutrality on a Federal Level? Please explain your response.
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Nate Lowry


Yes. Net neutrality is a needed requirement so the big guys doesn’t just hog the system and leave others to feed off of crumbs. Everyone needs a seat at the table and the more food (bandwidth) there is for everyone to use collectively the better. Doing away with net neutrality in my mind means less collectively for everyone else to fend for, hogs at the top and peasants given the leftovers to squabble over is the picture I get. Just seems there will be major players who try and monopolize the system and maximize their business positions, regular occurrence in a capitalistic society I feel needs protections against in this instance. Pretty much a fairly cut and dry decision that needs protection in my opinion.

How would you protect people in your area from having their info sold through ISP?

Nate Lowry

We need legislation against this and a couple of bills have already been introduced, HB 2200 and SB 5919. Both are aimed at protecting against this and I would be a strong supporter of both bills.

Incumbency, PCYD's Involved & Campaign Consultants

Are you an incumbent to this position?

Nate Lowry


Do you have any staff from PCYDs currently working or volunteering for you? If so, what are their names?

Nate Lowry


No, not yet

What consultants for this current campaign have you worked/collaborated with?

Nate Lowry

Jason Bennett (main consultant). Larry Seaquist, Chris Hurst both secondary