University Place School District

Director Pos. 2

PCYD's Endorse Marisa Peloquin

One candidate running for this position responded to our questionnaire:
Marisa Peloquin

One candidate did not respond to our questionnaire:
Nate Angel
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Sanctuary Status

Do you support Sanctuary Status for the area you would represent? Please explain.

Marisa Peloquin


Yes. While University Place is not labeled as a sanctuary city, it is one that welcomes all of its residents. We need to reduce and remove barriers to our immigrant and refugee communities.

PCYD & WA Democrats Resolutions

What resolutions from PCYDs or the WA Democrat State Party do you align with?
(PCYD: Decline to Sign I-1552, Petition: Tacoma City Council: Protect Undocumented Immigrants #HereToStay)

Marisa Peloquin

I support "Decline to Sign I-1552; Protect Undocumented Immigrants; Tillicum Ballot Box Initiative; Paid Sick Leave, and other WA Democrat State Party issues.

Goals & Needs of Constituency

If you could achieve three accomplishments in your coming term, what would they be?

Marisa Peloquin

I would want to reduce the achievement gap, increase the graduation rate, and reduce the amount of high-stakes standardized tests.

What are the top five needs of your constituency?

Marisa Peloquin

The top five needs of my constituency within the University Place School District are
1) affordable, safe housing;
2) access to affordable medical care;
3) quality K-12 education;
4) good public transportation; and
5) safe, welcoming communities.

Connecting with Young People

How do you plan to involve the voices and needs of young people?

Marisa Peloquin

I will look for ways to improve school board outreach, such as holding meetings at dates/times that will enable young people to attend. In addition, I will be responsive to questions through different media (e.g. text, email, phone, Facebook, etc.).

Police-Minority Relations

Do you have any plans for improving police-minority relations? Please explain your response.

Marisa Peloquin


Yes. I will ask that School Resource Officers (SRO) receive continuing training and opportunities for engagement with diverse populations. In addition, I think that it is important for community leaders to look like their community. As a minority, I hope to be one of these leaders.


How will you advocate for the homeless population? Including in regards to city camp sweeps and voting rights?

Marisa Peloquin

I will advocate for the homeless population, because students thrive when they have a safe home environment that includes reliable transportation to their school. Homeless families are at risk of maintaining this stability when they are forced to move from their camp. Voter suppression is likely when homeless citizens do not have access to ballot boxes, which allow them to vote without having to spend money on postage. They also need a way to receive their ballots when they don’t have a stable address.

Net Neutrality & Internet Privacy

Would you advocate for Net Neutrality on a Federal Level? Please explain your response.
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Marisa Peloquin


Yes. Big businesses should not be able to squeeze out smaller companies who lack the resources to compete on a global scale.

How would you protect people in your area from having their info sold through ISP?

Marisa Peloquin

I would support legislation requiring ISPs to communicate their terms in clear language, as well as in several languages besides English.

Incumbency, PCYD's Involved & Campaign Consultants

Are you an incumbent to this position?

Marisa Peloquin


Do you have any staff from PCYDs currently working or volunteering for you? If so, what are their names?

Marisa Peloquin


My son, Gregory Peloquin, volunteers for me.

What consultants for this current campaign have you worked/collaborated with?

Marisa Peloquin

I have reached out to several school board members, including T’wina Franklin, Michael Ehart, and Rick Maloney (former member). In addition, I have communicated with my former treasurer for my Senate campaign I have not collaborated with political consultants.